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Premium Quality All Natural Antler Chews


Every year elk, deer, and moose lose their antlers and a new set is grown. They begin growing as layers of cartilage and harden into a bone-like material.

Antlers are full of minerals such as: calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, and zinc. Antlers are an excellent choice for promoting healthy coats, teeth, and bones in dogs.


Unlike what you typically find in large pet stores, our chews are Grade A antler. Low grade antler has been leached of its nutrients and has cracks that can splinter and pose a safety risk to your pet.

We provide high quality antlers so your pet can have a long lasting, safe, mineral rich chew.


"All profits go to the dogs."




”My pup loves her antler!! She's a heavy chewer so she goes through toys wicked fast. Finding quality antlers is hard to come by and Chewy Pawz isn't only the best quality but comes at an amazing price!! Will be ordering again in the future! 
10/10 recommend!!”

-Jesi M.

“These antlers are great! My pup loves them. Great price, great value and Chewy Pawz is so easy to deal with. The antlers ship out and arrive quickly and then my Dutchie is happy for ages.”

-Erin R.

“I have 2 heavy chewers, a German Shepherd mix and a Husky mix. They both love their antlers. I have already recommended Chewy Pawz to everyone in my family. You can’t beat the price, and I received them very quickly. I will be ordering again very soon.”

-Amanda Y.