What chew is best for my dog?

Whitetail deer antler is the highest density/hardest antler we provide. These chews are very long lasting and are ideal for power chewers.

Mule deer antler is a lower density/softer chew than whitetail deer antler. Deer antler overall has less marrow than elk therefore there is more dense surface area for your dog to chew.

Elk is a softer chew compared to deer. A whole chew will outlast a split chew, but a split chew is ideal for young dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with sensitive teeth. Split chews also allow dogs easy access to the marrow. Marrow is the most nutrient rich part of the antler.

Moose is the softest/lowest density antler chew we offer. Moose is a satisfying, easy to chew option for dogs. It is not as long lasting as elk and deer, but many dogs will never go back to elk or deer once they have tasted moose antler.


How do I order wholesale?

We offer wholesale antler to vendor. Wholesale pricing applies to bulk orders over 20 pounds. E-mail info@chewypawz.com for pricing, please put "vendor" in the subject line of your e-mail.


Any other questions?

Feel free to e-mail us your questions at info@chewypawz.com or reach us by our contact form.