1 Pound Whole Elk (3-5 Chews)

1 Pound Whole Elk (3-5 Chews)


Our elk antler chews are sustainably sourced and are a perfect all natural and durable choice for your dog. One pound elk packs are a budget friendly option for multiple dog owners.

  • Mineral rich and full of calcium, zinc, and magnesium

  • Minimal residue and essentially odor free

  • Do not splinter or crack

  • No artificial flavoring, preservatives, or chemical treatment

  • Extremely durable and longer lasting than rawhides, bully chews, or products made of compact starch

All edges carefully cut and sanded for safe chewing.


Do not leave dog unattended with antler toys or chews. Always supervise your dog when chewing. Once an antler becomes too small, discard and replace with a new one. 

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