Chewy Pawz got a facelift!

Welcome to the Chewy Pawz blog.

Chewy Pawz was founded as a means to pay for fees incurred in the training and development of our working dogs. To date, all proceeds have gone to Chewy Pawz dogs, and we have no intention of ever changing that.

We will be publishing as often as possible with news and updates from around the shop. For those of you who have just joined in, let me introduce the Chewy Pawz crew. Bjorn and Yara are our two hard working Dutch Shepherds. They shed hunt in the wilds of Idaho and Montana for antlers every year. Their hard work has helped fund their training as pipeline leak detection dogs. We believe in their exceptional detection abilities to help protect our infrastructure and environment. You can find out more about their other job here.

Between the two jobs of our working dogs, there is quite a bit happening around here. You can follow their journey here. Thank you for supporting small business and the future of working dogs.


Mich Hager