It's a family affair


Chewy Pawz was founded as a means to pay for fees incurred in the training of our working Dutch Shepherds. To date, all proceeds have gone to the dogs. We also sell specialty items and donate to our local animal sanctuary. Chewy Pawz has been and will always be about the dogs.

Today we were photographing our newest moose chew listings and our pipeline leak detection dog, Yara, laid in the sagebrush and watched. The photo represented a goal met.

The early hours of the morning were spent training for pipeline leak detection. After being happily worked, both dogs spent the afternoon watching (and sneaking licks of tasty antler powder) as chews were cut, documented, and packaged to be sent to locations across the country.

Every purchase supports a small business, a small community of local shed hunters, and the lives of two working dogs. We thank you for your support!

Mich Hager