Chewy Pawz was founded as a means to pay for fees incurred in the training and development of our working dogs. To date, all profits have gone to Chewy Pawz dogs.

Our two Dutch Shepherds, Bjorn and Yara, are our antler shed hunters. Every year, they search for antlers in wilds of Idaho and Montana.

Along with shed hunting, Bjorn and Yara also provide pipeline leak detection services for oil and gas companies. The profits from Chewy Pawz are what supported the training of these dogs to build their future as working dogs to help protect our infrastructure and environment. You can find out more about K9 Pipe Inspections and their leak detection services here

Looking forward, we intend to build a rescue and charity fund so a percentage of all Chewy Pawz purchases go to animals in need. We believe in the valuable services provided by our local humane societies and shelters. Dogs supporting dogs.